Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Porteau Cove
Alt-country duo, Porteau Cove, formed in the late fall of 2017. Comprised of singer/songwriters Adrienne Nye and Chris Olson, Porteau Cove have quickly delighted audiences with their bold harmonies, heartfelt stories and playful stage presence, which comes as no surprise, as both grew up as theatre actors.

Chad Gilmour
Music has been in Chad's life from an early age and has remained a constant through out his travels. Blessed or cursed by an all too active mind, writing and singing songs has often been a cathartic practice for him. Chad is a stoic song writer finding reprieve in his words and melodies with the intention to promote connection and galvanize the human experience through his music.

Emma Lee Fleury
Emma Lee Fleury is a multidisciplinary artist from Niagara, Ontario, Canada. Over the last eight years, her artwork, sounds and music projects (currently Moonfox -an earthlings release of heart stringed frequencies and looped vocals in forms of alternative-folk-rock in full flux- and Fat Moth and previously the Oak and Elm Collective) have ventured through every venue, museum and festival in the Niagara Region, to historic venues of Toronto/The GTA and all the way to the coasts of West and North West Canada. The Moonfox band consists of Jon Lepp of Niagara’s Fat Moth on mandolin and pedals, Jon Marleau of the UK/Canadian band Uphill & Still on rhythm/beats, Mike Enns on Bass and Emma on vocals, loop, and guitar. The concepts of her work revolve around perceptions of the earth, the sun, black holes - and beyond - the energies rendering us grounded, the environment, time in presence and in memory passing through in reactory waves of love, sound and mixed mediums. Her creations bloom and morph into recycled sculpture, earth art, set design/installation, paintings, music, words, film and more.

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