Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday, May 19, 2018
Boomdaddy is an upbeat reggae dance band that features outstanding 3 part harmonies and exciting dance grooves. They have played around Vancouver for over 20 years, with recent concert highlights including: Opening for The Wailers at The Commodore Ballroom and headlining the Caribbean Days Festival in North Vancouver. Last summer, Boomdaddy appeared at the Maple Ridge Caribbean Festival and the Jamaica Days Festival in Surrey.

As well as performing catchy original songs from their recent cd "Living it Up" which has enjoyed airplay on local Caribbean radio shows, Boomdaddy also plays unique cover tunes, creating a new vibe by layering heavy reggae grooves under well know pop melodies. Their set list also includes a touch of ska, funk and R&B to create an infectious dance mix.

Boomdaddy features an unusual layout with drummer/ lead singer/ songwriter, Darryl Reimer fronting the band. Also featured is new vocalist, Antionette Liebelt and Michel Jolicoeur on vocals and keyboards. Rounding out the band are: Kelly Brown on guitar, and Mark Campbell on bass.

$10 @ THE DOOR
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