Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019
latin ska rock from Mexico City Mexico
It´s members met at a pizza parlor where a pizza-eating contest was being held, the first prize being an electric guitar. Apparently none of them won, but they´ve been inseparable since.

As any band starting out, they began playing in small time venues, slowly developing a faithful following of fans, who slowly (and faithfully) stopped following them. Their songs were not liked, and gigs dried up.

The band decided to abandon the project, playing a farewell show in the hippie town of Tepoztlan, a small population 35 miles south of Mexico City, where UFO sightings are commonplace.

Mexican iconic band Mama Pulpa is in town. The Yucafest takes place every year supporting Mexican and local bands. This year we are very excited to present Mama pulpa coming for the 20th anniversary of the Victoria ska fest. Next day we will have them share the stage with three amazing bands.

Cawama is a Surf/Punk Garage Rock revivalist band formed in Vancouver BC in early 2012 combining influences of 80's and 90's garage rock.

Caracas Latin punk to cheer your sad ass up. ... ska punk, punk and reggae bands from around the Pacific Northwest of the US and Canada.

While driving there, right when they were passing an unpopulated spot, the car in which they were travelling stopped, for no apparent reason. As the four bandmembers checked the car to find the cause of the breakdown, an intense white light shined from above, knocking them unconscious. They report being teletransported into a spaceship, where they were met by extraterrestrial beings, who shared their civilization’s musical knowledge with them, before returning them to the dark, isolated highway.

When they finally reached Tepoztlan, they went onstage and, as if by magic, played songs they had never played before.

“It was as if we had actually written those songs, and rehearsed them for years” stated the group in an interview for the local newspaper, él Sol de Tepoztlan (The Tepoztlan Sun).

$15 @ the door
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