Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday, December 8, 2017
SHAHdjs Pres: The Last DnB BSL
Danga b2b Reflektor Special Ed Decibelpoint
Hydration Mix Series with: Willisist Akela (Matt Ess) Surgeon (Rob Cutler)

Well folks, we're sadly nearing the end of a ten year run of SHAHdjs DnB shows at the Backstage Lounge.
We started upstairs in 2007, new kids on the scene excited for a place to play. A few months later in 2008 we moved downstairs and called it SHAH Sat - monthly DnB at the beautiful Back Stage Lounge. Over the years we've changed names to First Friday, and then the Friday Rollout, but we've always kept the same format: showcaseing locals and giving them the chance to play a headlining time slot.
I'm sad to see this go. I feel we've taken this night for granted, and frankly I'm not sure what is going to replace it....yet.

To go out with a BANG, we're bringing back one of the most memorable headliners we've had over the years, the mighty mighty Daega Sound with a special DnB set just for us.

Also on the bill:
Danga b2b Reflektor
Special Ed

and upstairs will be liquid rollers all night, repping the Hydration Mix Series with:
Akela (Matt Ess)
Surgeon (Rob Cutler)

Stay tuned for details on New Years Eve, which is a collab with SLAB (Max Ulis) and will be the official LAST last thing at the Backstage Lounge, ever.

$10-$15 @ THE DOOR
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